aus Partitur 'Vier Figuren'

...e subito parlando

for piano and wind quintet (2012)

As in many of my works, the core idea of the composition is connected with the idea of the processual. This manifests itself in the flowing character of the musical material, in the evolutively conceived harmony and not least in the unity of the single-movement form. My aim was to create an organism that is in constant transformation, a process in which all instruments are equally involved. The sound of the piano forms the connecting substance.
The title of the composition refers to the final part, in which the rhetorical gesture of the piano dominates. The problem of gestures in music has been of particular concern to me in recent times, and so the title can also be understood from this wider context.
The composition was commissioned and is dedicated to Felix Renggli, Emanuel Abbühl, François Benda, Sergio Azzolini, Christian Lampert and Jan Schultsz.

Bettina Skrzypczak (2012)