Comment on 'Daphnes Lied'

Daphnes Lied (Daphne's Song)

for piano solo

For laurel and dawn there is a common word in Sanskrit: ahana. And in Greek mythology, Daphne, the gentle nymph of dawn, is transformed by her mother, Earth, into a laurel tree to protect her from Apollo, the sun god (Phoibos Apollon), who would persecute her and burn her with his radiant light at noon.

My piano piece too is about different intensities and forms of light and energy flows: about sounds that outshine other sounds, that are broken down into colours, that go out and cast shadows, about sounds that attack and caress, dazzle and warm. But it need not be the shining Apollo who triumphs. The most intense source of light could be the one that shines in secret.

Bettina Skrzypczak